Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waking Madison (movie review)

A difficult movie to review really, because technically it is excellent, the acting was superb, especially for Roemer the main character, Shue is as always top as are the rest [Patton & Conroy (6 feet under fame!)]. As for depicting the factual psychological disorder, the credibility is like swiss cheese. I suppose for the plot to be exciting some false stereotypes needed to be included? I just wish it had been done "right" instead of sacrificing truth for drama. The concept of the movie & how it was presented are phenomenal, perfectly done & viewers are better off going in cold, with no set idea or expectations (phone sex not part of movie at all, etc). No reason at all for the R rating, any teen could easily see this. No nudity, language issues, one hinted at sex scene (only see her face), all things most kids see on TV or games daily. Definitely worth the watch, rented or streamed, though not worth buying, sorry.

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