Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Idiot Brother Movie review

Our Idiot Brother
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The movie is NOT laugh out loud funny, it's more cerebral in some ways & too simplistic in others. Not an Adam Sandler type comedy, no really crude or juvenile humor, just a feel good kind of funny, a family comedy drama where each character is changed by the end of the movie from an eye opening perspective change. However, I don't buy the ending where he's all of a sudden got his crap together & ready to just take off on his own--he could have done that from the start, so the credibility of the ending ruined it for me. Some of the humorous bits made me smile, even groan at his dumbness, but again the script has him out of prison on a drug charge TWO times, unrealistically fast. So many hits to credibility it really requires a serious suspension of reality to enjoy, yet it's based in a very modern & real NYC. Wish the script had been better, the actors had little to work with. Watch on a rainy day on cable.

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