Friday, March 16, 2012

Songwriting Lyrics Challenge!

A brainstorm came to me last night as I was trying to write yet another song in my head instead of falling asleep (not intentional, believe me, music fuels my days & nights!). I'm having difficulty finding the right lyrics for the theme I want to write a song about, so I decided it might be fun to see what others could come up with on the theme, maybe even make it a regular game of sorts.

The THEME is: The push pull of relationships, attraction vs. repulsion

Explained: In some relationships people are only attracted as long as the object of the affection is NOT interested in them, then once they get the person interested, they themselves lose interest. Like a chase of sorts, as long as the person is unobtainable, or appears to be so, the excitement lasts. Once the love object wants one back, suddenly one feels smothered, overwhelmed, needs space, etc. This is actually a form of love addiction & fear of intimacy rolled into one. We want intimacy but have no idea how to deal with it once we get it, so we run the other way, until we aren't being chased, then suddenly we become the one chasing while the other runs.

It's a difficult concept to explain, or understand, but I am sure 99% of people know exactly what it feels like to be on this seesaw, as one of the other, or both. 

So my challenge to you is to write at least 4 lyrical sentences that rhyme in some way (not every line has to rhyme), with matching syllables (also not every line, can be every other line or every 4th, etc.), a chorus or the entire lyric for a song. You may use the comment section here, or submit them under this topic on G+, and I will collate all of them (if anyone even attempts to meet this dare) to post for voting & feedback at the end of April 2012.

Have fun & good luck :)

Examples I came up with that sucked, lol:

You push me
I want you
You pull me
I hate you
you chase me away
every other day
I can't keep on
running this way


  1. I just wrote this one last week,..its called GOT
    blues 3 chord thing in G
    Got this germinating seed of an idea
    got clearer girl as you get nearer
    got courage enough to overcome my fear
    got to got to got to get close to you my dear

    got a need on got a bead on
    oyster pearl
    got a laugh for your funny tricks on this boy
    got out of jail early for good behaviour
    got an eye got a fix on

    got a light got a match for your attitude
    got a need to know basis too dude
    got courage enough to get over fear
    got to got to got to get close to you dear

    1. Great WIP, would love to hear the completed song when you get it done. Do you write the music too or lyrics only? I can only write the lyrics, although sometimes I'll get a beat or a series of riffs behind it that fit the rhythm of the words, usually it's just the poetry of the lyrics & what needs to be said or needs to come out of my head or heart. I like your got to got to! :D