Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (movie review)


4 of 5 stars for this part 3 of 3 in trilogy; 5 stars of 5 each for parts 1 and 2

I believe all the major loose ends are tied up here, and this is an integral part of the trilogy to be seen in order, to understand what is going on in each of these 3 parts. I plan to watch the other materials over the next week to see if there are any differences or crucial parts missing as some reviewers claim, but as a viewer who has NOT read the books, these movies were & are better than anything in our US cinema in decades. The production quality alone is substantial, the character driven plots, the realism, suspense & resolutions. This 3rd part was a bit less than the other 2 parts, in subtle ways, but it was not in any way slow! No one can ever film a movie from a book & satisfy readers, because the imagery is part of a fantasy for each reader & can never match it completely. I never understand why they then complain as if it were supposed to be made their way. I've enjoyed these 3 films more than any film in a long long time. Worth buying the full set.

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