Topics To Come

These posts are a combination of many interests & expertise, separate from my sexuality & sex education blogs. With everything here from movie reviews, music genre explorations, political & religious discussions, funny observations & more, I decided to post a list of topics to be covered here in the near future. Articles will be posted besides the ones listed below, this is just a list of definite topics that WILL BE featured in this blog. You may request a topic and submit your own example images & files for a topic already posted or one to come. 

Topic Posts To Come Include:

  • Alcoholism & Addiction--Disease?
  • Disease-ing of America
  • Book of Questions Prompts
  • Book of Sex & Love Questions Prompts
  • What is Libertarianism
  • Legalize Freedom
  • Religilous
  • Adult Complexity Coloring
  • Smoking
  • Medicine Woman
  • Changing Perspectives
  • Love Addiction
  • Battered Women
  • Breaking the Family Cycles of Abuse
  • On Being a Radio DJ
  • On Being a Stripper
  • On Being a Biker
  • Tattoos--Pro's & Con's
  • Piercing--Getting an Eyebrow Ring
  • Begin Filming Live Shows
  • Censorship
  • On Being Owned by a Cat
  • Rules for Smart People
  • Common Sense--Not So Common Anymore
  • Car Audio & SPL
  • Music Genres with Examples (by Genre)
  • Family--Can't Live with nor without them
  • On Being a Pool Shark
  • Assertiveness not Aggressiveness
  • Wiccan vs. Witch
  • Native American Roots
  • Spirituality vs. Religion vs. Atheism
  • More more more....

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