Friday, March 16, 2012

Independent Music I've Bought--Black March

In support of Black March 2012, I lay awake last night, trying to sleep as usual with music running through my head, and failing, I was making a list in my mind of all the independent music groups I have bought albums & such from since I got back online in early 2011, or from May 2011 until now. 

For more about Black March & our boycott of all major labels involved in the SOPA, ACTA & other unconstitutional censorship lobbies trying to influence government to ignore the voice of its people, who have made themselves heard loud & clear, see Google Plus direct link: [Link opens in new window]. Listed are thousands of independent artists of every kind from writers, musicians & artists to cinematographers, comedians & pretty much anyone trying to break through the barriers to artistic success & most of all, public recognition of their work.

This list will be added to as any forgotten ones come to mind, and links may be added for any missing currently. My hope is to provide readers with excellent sources of great music, as well as sharing the pleasure of the sound & helping the artists find new fans for their work. The genre categories are NOT official, they are a short hand way for me to suggest just one genre an artist might belong to, you can make your own determinations for yourself. There are countless sub-genres and often they are as subjective as what socks one chooses to wear for the day, an individual definition that often can not be applied to one band, sometimes not even one song (many have multiple styles within one song, or one album, in one band).

Without further ado (I've always wanted to use that phrase ;) here's my list of artists or groups whose music I have bought since May of 2011 in no particular order:

  1. Mr. Gnome (all 3 albums so far released)
  2. Space ??? Look up--Ugo Fist--5 albums
  3. Soulidium (only album, DVD, T-shirt)
  4. Young Circles (album)
  5. Technikult of Flesh (albums)
  6. Combichrist (independent?) (Album)
  7. Marilyn Manson (not independent?) (the Singles--lest we Forget)
  8. 9/11 tribute Compilations Vol. 1 and 2 by VF artists
  9. Mind Enemies (EP on FB)
  10. AWOLNATION (only album)
  11. Kiev (only album EP)
  12. 12 Stones (independent?) (2 albums)
  13. African Drumming from Lion King (look up artist, etc) (4 songs)
  14. Apocalyptica 2 DVDs (independent?)
  15. Screaming Trees (album)
  16. The Cringe (album)
  17. Billy D & the Hoodoos (only album)
  18. many dozens more I'll have to look up later.............

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