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Sex IS Music IS Sex

Sex IS Music IS Sex
by Gina Jordan on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 3:08pm ·

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this, watching live performances especially & guitar players the most of all. When playing an instrument, the look on their faces is what I imagine is the same look & grimaces, facial expressions, they have during great sex. As if enjoying the music, performing it, requires a letting go of self-consciousness, or of control, and the few musicians who refuse to let go, have no passion in their sound. I first noticed this with Jimmy Page in Song Remains the Same, versus modern It Might Get Loud, that his facial expressions are the SAME after all these years, as when he was truly into the playing & lost himself in the music, his face reflects an almost orgasmic looking bliss. Then I started paying closer attention to the facial expressions & body language of famous guitarists in the Woodstock film footage, such as Hendrix, Ten Years After Alvin Lee, Richie Havens, and when they truly let go & sink into their music, it is quite clearly a sexual experience going by their facial expressions and body language.

When a great guitar player holds that guitar right in front of their genitals, the vibration from the instrument must resonate through into their body, their sex organs, the friction alone would be stimulating, and sometimes it looks to me as if the guitar is an extension of their penis, and they are a virtuoso on their organ, playing their music & in some other time & place transported by the playing. Take a close look at their faces, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan as he wails on his guitars, especially during lead guitar parts where the guitar sounds as if it is screaming, moaning, growling even, with the sounds forced from its belly, in an agony of ecstacy. One can see the same expressions on any extremely talented and passionate musician's face during the parts the listeners especially love & react too, as if we are all passing blissful energy back & forth, around in a circle from instrument to musician & back to them on around to us, our body mind & soul, to those near us willing to let go & feel the pleasure, resonating back again to the musician. Like an orgy of sound & orgasmic energy, sound pressure levels, waves, building & building to the climactic moment together, as one.

Often those listening feel the same blissful energy, the music affects the body, our blood & fluids, like our moon does the tides, music is more than just a sound, it is an experience, a feeling, a surrrender, loss of control to the pleasure, a closing of the eyes, an expression of deepest joy, a clenching of our bodies, a stiffening of our sex organs, a stimulation of the very essence of out beings. I've read scientific studies that prove the effect music has on the physical, mental & spiritual body, whether human or animal, plant, liquid or mineral, music has a profound power to alter us for the good or the bad, to heal and to harm, to uplift, to enrage, and yes, to completion and climax as well. I've always thought I was the only one who called the experience eargasms, the full body goose bumps head to toe, hair standing on end, whole body orgasm only passionately played music can create or satisfy. I've found that many people use the same term so I'm not the only one noticing, though perhaps I may have been one of the first to coin that phrase back in the 80's, it is quite possible I am the only one who painted it across her windshield & on a license plate. I have definitely experienced full body orgasms from music, though for the most part it is more foreplay than completion, there are those rare few whose playing is so extremely powerful, I literally come to the music. Am I alone in this? I don't believe so.

Pay attention to the music, the artists on stage, their facial expressions, if and when they let go & drown in the music their talented hands are producing as if by some magick, notice what your body, mind & even spirit are feeling, saying, doing, watch those around you, the closed eyes, the rocking bodies, the moans & screams & little deaths in climactic opera surrounding & sharing energy with you. What do you see? Feel? Hear? Experience? Think? Are you able to let go & surrender, or are you baffled by the joy others seem to be expressing that you can't give in to or allow yourself to risk? Interesting questions to ask oneself, don't you agree?

It's not only live performances that have this effect--the same is true of TV/DVD, radio, CD & stereo, whatever ways we listen whether alone or with a group. If you aren't feeling it, relax, close your eyes, open up to the possibilities & the pleasure, the vibes & energy are just waiting for you to accept them & join the orgy of pleasure the music brings often without cost or consequence, the truest form of safe sex, don't you think? ;-P

AWOLGina AKA Gina Jordan

Copyright August 24, 2011


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