Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bag of Bones (Movie Review)

Bag of Bones is a Stephen King novel made into a better movie than most of his works have been. One thing you must know going in is that this movie, on netflix streaming anyway, is a TWO-PART two episode film, each roughly 85 minutes long. Called a mini-series, is misleading in that this is just a two part film, not a series. At 1st I was upset because I didn't know it was in 2 parts, then didn't know if 2nd part finished or another season was planned. So for those wondering, the 2nd part ends the story, everyone gets what they deserve except one, and most plot holes are sealed. There were some issues of credibility sprinkled throughout, but overall this was one of the better King screen adaptations. I didn't like the commercial break edits & wish they would just remove those before releasing a film this way. I'd read the book long enough ago that this was new to me again, I think other reviewers have read it more recently & so were disappointed, not I. This was well acted by all involved, an amazing cast who fit perfectly into their roles & balanced each other well. Definitely worth watching & better than most other King books made movies. However, skip the 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd episode, it is exactly the same as the 1st episode to the point I wasn't sure it was a new episode at all. Enjoy.

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