Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orgasm, Inc. (Documentary Review)

An excellent & informative film that allows both sides equal attention & detail, so how is it reviewers can accuse THIS of being propaganda, but not FSD itself? Or maybe they are on the payroll of pharma. The truth is that our culture is creating diseases to treat NORMAL human emotions, experiences, ups & downs, before long there will be, or already is, a pill for EVERY feeling or lack of a feeling. This documentary proves that the women are NOT the focus, the money & being first to develop that magic drug--who cares if it actually works better than the placebo or is dangerous, even fatal, hey, one more orgasm a month is worth it they say. Huh?! Are we so stupid we'd fall for this? Excellent documentary that showed a truth few will ever get a chance to see, and even fewer seem willing to educate themselves on the issue rather than going for what they are told is a quick fix. There are non-medical ways to treat dysfunctions in the few who actually suffer them, that do work. Start there.

I definitely recommend seeing this film, for both men and women, and before taking any action toward treating a made-up disease that does NOT exist, the numbers were made up from flawed data that did not adjust for non-medical reasons for lack of response, instead it included psychological, emotional, or just plain tired, not in the mood, turned off by one's partner & a host of other reasons for no sexual response in a situation, that any drug will never address, never mind cure. If even one question was answered yes, that was considered a sexual dysfunction--being too tired at the end of a 16 hour work day, how would the drug fix that? Why do we allow ourselves to be so ignorant about our sexuality, our very sex organs themselves? 

When pharmaceutical reps were asked fairly simple questions such as what IS female sexual dysfunction, they literally stuttered with NO answer, or declined to give one for fear of losing their jobs, though some did admit that the drug existed BEFORE the disease, but because the FDA requires a drug must treat a disease in order to be approved, the disease of FSD was created to justify the treatment. When the FDA denied approval due to health & life risks for very little if any result, Proctor and Gamble sold it to Europe where it is now available online worldwide, though I'm sure the patients are not told what the risks are nor that the long term use of the hormones have NOT been studied! The women are paying to be guinea pigs for P&G. Shame on these doctors, celebrities (including Oprah & her Bergman twins), pharmacy reps & others pushing this get rich quick scheme at the risk of a woman's life, for non significant study results (meaning the drugs were proven NOT to work)!

The documentary itself is well organized & presented, with all side being explored fully & factually, great quality, definitely worth renting, perhaps even buying a few copies to give as gifts to friends who will want to borrow yours & pass it on, let's educate as many women as possible, so that the big drug companies lose their target market. An hour 18 minutes long.

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