Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wrecked: Movie Review

3 of 5 stars

1st, the entire film is done in ONE place, more than half in a car, the rest outside the car. Right up to the last minute one keeps waiting for something to happen to make this movie make some sense. It never does. With 20 minutes left I knew it was a loser of a film, but by then I figured may as well see what they used to justify an ending. A cell phone that traveled a river for miles, now works? So many loose ends are left hanging, we never know what happened to the dog or to the black guy, or to the main character or the woman.

Credibility is completely shot which is amazing in such a limited scenario. This was a poor attempt to remake Memento, a dismal failure. What was good about it? Brody's acting was brilliant, he cried exactly the way I would have (& have done) in same or similar situations, that frustrated want to give up cry. One feels & experiences all of this as if you are the main character. Otherwise, give it a pass.

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