Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Constantine (Movie Review)

5 of 5 stars

Other than Keanu playing this somewhat woodenly, the acting overall was great, as were production values, graphics, fair dialogue, streamed well, would highly recommend seeing it, even in a theater, I may buy a copy. The movie disc though had plenty of room for special features, but had shite, a 2nd disc with 60 minutes of nothing special features has the rest. There was only one scene at the start where the CGI was easily seen, otherwise seamless. On this disc comes the movie, the APC music video for Passive, 2 trailers for this movie, commentary & that's it. Perhaps because I'm NOT a comic book fan I had no expectations to disappoint, so this movie is fantastic as is, loved the plot & tight focus, did not get bogged down in extraneous stories, a welcome change. Spooky but not gory or super suspenseful. There's really no reason for an R rating, no sex, no language issues, the violence is about video game level.

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