Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carriers & ExTerminators (2 Reviews 4 the price of 1)

Carriers: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Carriers/70122722?trkid=496624
4 of 5 stars

NOT a zombie movie though there are some aspects of that in this, not an action flick though there is some action, not a blood & guts movie though there's a bit of that too. A slow moving character driven story about tough choices, although I felt the choices weren't as emotionally laden as they should have been. It's very hard to know who to root for & your choice may change by the end. Nothing is shown about how this happened, or where they started from. The plot is very simply as is in description, don't expect more than that & you'll enjoy the movie. Recommend either cable TV or streaming, definitely not a buy, nor worth renting. One plot hole that bugged me, I kept wondering why the father of the little girl wasn't sick, & how the one male main character DID get sick (can't say who without spoiling it. I agree with the 14+ rating. However this is a bleak and troubling film to expose a young teen to.

ExTerminators: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/ExTerminators/70115869?trkid=2361637
4 of 5 stars

Didn't make me laugh but surprised myself into liking it anyway, really didn't expect to want to keep watching but before I knew it I was hooked. The acting in this is superb & so believable, one does not expect this caliber of acting in such a film. The story line was OK, some big holes & credibility issues, like arsenic not an instant killer, but most will be willing to overlook it because it is entertaining enough. I would not want to pay to see this in a theater or to rent or buy it, but to watch "free" on cable or streaming, definitely recommended. More of a chick flick but I know the guys will love the skin these ladies show a lot of, no nudity but plenty of tease. Not for young impressionable teens or younger kids, the message may not be received as comedy for them. A strangely good film for a revenge fantasy flick.

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