Monday, February 6, 2012

John Oliver: Terrifying Times (Review)

4 of 5 stars

Very funny & sharp, clever & witty. The kind of guy you'd want at a dinner party sitting next to you, keeping your laughing all night long. Some of the jokes were ROTFLMFAO funny, some were chuckle funny, some snickering, some almost too deep for other viewers to get apparently--or they got offended because they are incapable of laughing at their own ridiculousness, which IMHO is what makes stand up comedy hilarious. Carlin did it, Gallagher & Hicks Hicks, Bill Maher & Dan Stanhope still do it, pointing out the wickedly funny contradictions within ourselves. Oliver did it too, and at our nation as seen from an outsider's view, only he was very polite about it (it could have been MUCH worse & we'd have deserved it, imagine Hicks in his place, ok?). I'd never seen him before, on cable or TV, so this was very refreshing. Lost one star for the bad editing, the censored few curses & I'd pay to rent but not buy.

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