Thursday, February 2, 2012

MTV-Like Music Videos & Exclusives I've Made

New Music Videos I've Made! Many are also Exclusives.

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I've been very busy making MTV-like music videos for various bands & artists, as well as filming live local music & uploading them to my youtube channel at

Below are links directly to the music videos I've made (for the live shows, check out the channel, over 115 classic rock cover songs by local bands).

Enjoy & please share the bliss :)


Feb, 2, 2012 7:44pm EST

First, the one I am uploading tonight is a song I love by El Anfibio, from Myspace. This song was exclusive to Myspace only until I convinced the artist to let me make a live music video for the song to be posted on youtube, and he agreed :) 

UPDATED: I've uploaded a newer version that matches lyrics a but better at

Check out El Anfibio's other music and profile at:

The song is I'm doing the music video for is Stay: 

More music videos I've created for other bands & artist's music (all with permission):

EXCLUSIVE Monster Magnet & Jim Morrison (The Doors) unreleased vocals to Armageddon Theme, The End V2 (unlike the End we know well) is at:

Also available in HD at

I made a total of 4 music videos for artist Be My Enemy, industrial goth music with themes for each, as well as one 16 minute long remixed compilation of all 3 songs.

1st, The 16 minute compilation video is

2nd, EXTREMELY Graphic 18+ for American Psycho music video

3rd, Reptilia at

4th, Disintegration, is at

Just one of the many great musical artists at VF!

Another Exclusive, by Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Prisoners is a music video that needs some polishing but was a quick & dirty edit to get the song out there, before I'd learned HOW to make them. I do not necessarily agree with the slogans in the video, I tried to show a balanced view from both sides. I didn't remix the music on this one, and it shows in the double start beginning, but the song is worth every little nit-picky thing I don't like in my work on this one.

An old bluesy number by Harry Belafonte, Dark as a Dungeon, where I remixed some added storm bits to the intro & end to match the original recording, which was created in a basement studio during a thunder storm & they decided to leave the sound in the finished record--and record is the term as this is obviously recorded from vinyl, that warmth (and needle noise) is unmistakable.


Here's an entry I made for a Promo Contest on, still haven't heard who the winners are though the contest ended on 1-30-12. Music had to be from the VF site bands, and use certain phrases, if you are on VF, I'm there as awolgina :)

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