Thursday, January 12, 2012

When the Party's Over movie review

When the Party's Over
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Everything about this movie was excellent, so glad I did not heed the poor reviews or I may have missed this little gem of a movie hidden under a rock. Bullock was riveting, all the acting, dialogue, story lines, production values, nothing was left to chance or mediocre. Emotionally invested in these characters, one feels love & hate equally, raging & laughing with them, rooting for some, wanting others to get their comeuppance. If this movie seems in any way dated, it's due to the hairstyles & clothing, otherwise the story seems timeless & is more honest than just about any Hollywood blockbuster from the elite in the last 2 decades. I highly recommend not only seeing this movie, but renting it though would not buy it myself because it's not the type one watched again & again--which does not make it any less of a movie, just a different type, for entertainment rather than brain twisting need to watch it twice mostly disappointing fare. An EZ 5 stars.

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