Saturday, January 14, 2012

Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts

Denis Leary and Friends Present...Douchebags and Donuts
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I'd seen this before, but was worth seeing again, still nearly as funny as the 1st time. I didn't like Whitney in this, the other 2 guys were not at Leary's level, so I give it a 4 overall. Loved Ferrara's bit about panic attacks, spit my water all over myself on that one--even though I'd seen it before I'd forgotten how funny some of these bits were, and the anal leakage, side effects stuff is hilarious in ironic ways. Some of the material is dated, nothing NEW, still worth seeing again. Leary was in fine form throughout. There are swear words not bleeped out--which I greatly appreciate, those bleeps are annoying! Maybe 16+ rating, except the donkey dick & the song lyrics. I love crude humor & his songs were laugh out loud funny while placing the spotlight on what we need to stop ignoring (catholic church--how can religious people get offended by the song but not at the pedophile priests the pope keeps on payroll?). Highly recommend seeing at least once.

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