Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shutter Island movie review

Shutter Island

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My main complaint was the fakeness of the effects, the blood obviously fake, the wounds obviously faked, and for a Scorsese film, I expected much higher quality in those areas than I would have a B movie, which this was not. As for being predictable or knowing the twist before the twist, bull! There are no clues that give the twist away, hindsight is always 20/20, but until then, there's no way viewers could know what was coming next. Perhaps after a 2nd viewing one sees the clues differently, that's not the same as knowing the outcome on 1st view. The acting, script, dialogue, backgrounds & CGI were excellent, the music almost laughingly over dramatic, the locations & production quality A+ other than the blood/wounds. NOT a horror movie at all, more suspense & psychological thriller. I'd definitely recommend seeing this, even renting if necessary, maybe even twice. I would not buy it, it's not as good as Momento or Crash.

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  1. They're playing this movie on Friday at my gym! =D