Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Blind Mice review

Hated the ending, abrupt with no resolution or anything answered. More like an end of series cliff hanger than a movie. The computer jargon as some call it, is nothing anyone won't know, nor need to know, nor is this movie hard to follow or confusing in any way, not sure why others had problems. Furlong is too young to fit the character he's playing here, otherwise he did an ok acting job as did most in this film. Great quality streaming except for the web cam captures which I assume were intentionally poor quality. One close up breast shot, the rest was far off & pixelated so no prudes should get up in arms either. Not much offensive here, mid-teens & up could handle this, no gore to speak of. No horror and no real suspense, kind of entertaining but with a horrid ending I felt it a waste of my time really. Definitely won't recommend someone else waste theirs either.

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