Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 review


Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40
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With all the 1-star reviews how did this average 3.6? Anyway, I've seen him do these Q&A's before much better than this one, which in fact only allowed for ONE question 20 minutes into it, and the rest was answering by going around the world 1st, self-indulgent to the point even the audience was bored. He started by promising THIS time he was going to talk about what THEY wanted to hear, it would be all about their Q's, then does the opposite.

I love Kevin Smith films & his previous Q&A's were hilariously fun, so this one is a major disappointment. His hero worship of Willis to the point of letting Willis scare him on set, is sad, as is the 20 minute joke about taking a dump while stoned, and pretty much becoming a stoner at 38 as he puts it. I don't expect clean comedy nor do I want it, but a bit of balance and some sense of direction as well as delivering the promise he made to his audience, would have been the least to expect. Pass on this one.

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