Monday, January 9, 2012

Step Up 3D movie review

Step Up 3D
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Good movie, worth the watch & rental. The 3D was NOT worth wearing the glasses for, nothing really popped out, worst 3D effects film I've ever seen. The story sucked, too predictable, too overdone, the script got the least development & was apparent the story was about the dancing ONLY--not a plot one can really get into. The dance moves were similar to previous movies, really few new ones except the robot dances. Also, the stars were NOT as good as the supporting dancers were, including Moose, & the star girl & guy--guess they needed actors instead of true dancers for those parts? There were only TWO songs of whole movie that were good, the rest were such pop mainstream boring crap--the 2 best were This Instant & Shawty Moves. There is great bonus features plus all the music videos, the dancing was fun to watch, great bass & powerful beats, that's about the best I can say, not worth buying though.

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