Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Will Playmore Band 12-2-11

On Dec. 2, 2011 the Willie Playmore Band played at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY 12817. From 9p-1a, the energy was fantastic. Guitar players actually walked out onto the dance floor & played while dancing with the audience. I hadn't seen a guitar player do that since the Festival Express video of Buddy Guy using a long guitar lead to play among the crowd.

On this night they also had a keyboard player who had not been present during my 1st taping of them back on 10-21-11, as well as new LED lights that despite being used in 5 previous shows, were still being learned & experimented with. The crowd was wild this night, many women up from Troy area were especially vocal & expressive, as you can no doubt hear on several of the videos. So many people were crowding the dance floor that filming became a real challenge, twisting this way & that to avoid being run over. On this night it was truly dancing room only.

The following videos can be played full screen, 720p HD. They are only formatted smaller here to fit within the blog screen. Only a few samples are shown here, please go to the youtube channel for all of the live videos at:

WPM performed an original song called Willie Got Lost, embedded below:

Another great song is Bad Company's Can't Get Enough of Your Love:

One of my old faves by the Rolling Stones, Honky Tonk Woman, was played by request for those Troy, NY women who were extremely vociferous in their requests, lol.

Only a few samples are shown here, please go to the youtube channel for all of the live videos at:

For information on future live performances at P-House, visit: Panther Mountain Inn.

For more information on the Willie Playmore Band, visit their website.


  1. This is great . What an addition to the music scene in upstate NY . Thanks for being you Gina .......Steve and The Metamorphose Jones

  2. @Anonymous Thanks for the comment & compliment. Glad to know people are checking them out & enjoying the music. This band was incredible to see live & I just hope the videos showed even half the energy flowing that night :) If you guys are ever looking for a show filmed, let me know.