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Role Models & Kids Today

Role Models & Kids Today

This really should be a blog entry & maybe I'll make it one after. I was talking to a woman on Friday night while filming that live music, and we were talking about how much things have changed in a few decades, especially for kids growing up now.

First, there are NO role models left. The President screwed the country, so he's not a good role model, he got away with lies, was a traitor in fact (Bush and Obama now too), so kids can't even say they want to grow up to be President anymore.

The sports figures? They're all either using drugs, steroids, are raping maids in hotels, screwing around on their wives, none are good role models anymore, and why would a kid want to collect these people's cards now?

The church, the pope? FUCK that! The priests are having sex with boys, the pope won't do anything about it, and the deacons & bishops are hypocrites who say do as we say not as we do. If a kid can't even trust his church or his priest, higher ups in the church, and the supposed intermediate between god & himself, who the fuck can a kid trust???

Local business leaders? In this corporate greed society? Where people no longer matter, only the almighty bottom dollar, to the point of having people in foreign countries both being manufacturers & tech support? His male family members are probably unemployed or working for shit pay & several jobs just to make ends meet, where's the successful role model in that?

Actors & actresses? Should we even pretend to go there? I can't think of many I'd want to BE, or emulate. Can you?

What does a kid growing up today learn from all of these people? To lie, cheat, steal, use drugs, rape, molest, harm & destroy to get one's way or to succeed, that a human has no worth to their boss or company, nor to their church leaders who are supposed to be the examples of living a godly life.

So don't blame the kids for being bad, they have no examples to go by. Blame YOURSELVES, for being so self-centered you never thought what your actions were teaching those to follow. Perhaps it's the media's fault for reporting the facts, rather than hiding them as they used to do decades ago? We all knew JFK was screwing Monroe, but rarely did it make the papers. We all know humans are imperfect, and no one can be a perfect role model all the time, yet no one even tries anymore.

I'm not being moralistic, nor hypocritical, I'm just stating what reality is today for most growing up, now & in recent past. I don't think we need a more religious society since that never worked even centuries ago. Our govt. & politicians often quote family values as a justification for laws & censorship, or prejudice against gays or whomever, when those same lawmakers are doing the very things they want to stop US from doing. "Hey let's make mandatory prison time laws for non-violent crimes like drug use & instead let murderers go free, then we will do drugs & never have to suffer the consequences because we are too superior to have the same rules apply to us. Let's deny gays the right to suffer marriage along with us, while in secret we go do bath house gay sex ourselves. Let's crack down on prescription drug abuse, while we abuse the same drugs ourselves".

Everything in fact these people do against us, is a projection of their own actions left uncontrolled and unpunished. Why do we allow this dichotomy? Where has the backbone of America gone? why aren't we fighting back tooth & claw? Just my thoughts on this rainy day...
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