Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Orny Adams Takes the Third

Orny Adams: Takes the Third
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Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to laugh, from age tween to oldsters & everything in between. While I prefer more raunchy comedy, this was funny despite it's cleanliness. Some of these reviewers are ridiculous, getting mad because comedy isn't PC, & if it was, they'd complain about that too. Orny is NOT a Lewis Black clone, nor does he use anger as his style or borrow from those who do. He has excellent timing, never yells or screams (as Kinison did), isn't bitter, instead he's very observant & some of his bits are very creative & new while others have been around awhile in one form or another. The point is how he delivers them, well done! As a woman, I didn't feel at all "bashed" & in fact Orny spent more time praising women than anything else. One thing that irked some is his constant watch for audience reactions & retelling a joke point if it got a good reaction (i.e., repeating fat & lazy). Hilarious otherwise.

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