Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Female Misbehavior documentary

Female Misbehavior
Pagalia was 21 minutes to skip; Sprinkle was 13 minutes to watch her transformation from Ellen to Annie especially; 11 minutes of the most boring self-absorbed and choppy edited crap with very little to do with lesbianism or bondage though those were the subjects, and horrible quality & editing made a 5 minute piece into 11; by far, the BEST part of the was the last subject, Max's FTM experiences, which were the bulk of this film thankfully. We're never told where on the path Max is currently--whether he's had the surgeries or not--but he looks, talks & definitely passes as fully male. I could swear he had an adam's apple, which might be a surgical addition or option though it's never discussed. The amount of radical body change required for a transsexual is fully explored & explained, as well as the effects of the male hormones. Max is a beautiful male inside & out. I wish this film had been 90+ minutes on Max alone. If I could, I'd rate Max's portion 5 stars, the rest zero, perhaps 2.5 stars for Sprinkle's 13 minute long demonstration. May some film maker take note & find Max for a follow-up film into the end result & Max's experiences since this film came out.


  1. Max Wolf Valerio is on Facebook! :)

    1. Now I'll have to go find the page & see what's new, thanks for letting me know :)

    2. Here's his FB page link: