Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: Weathered Underground WORST Movie Ever!

The Weathered Underground
You rated this movie: 1 [WORST Movie Ever!]
ZERO stars, if possible MINUS zero. As others have said the FX are horrid, the production quality non-existent and no matter what story line you choose, there's never more than 15 minutes to ending. The choices I'd like to have made for the character were never offered, only the inane ones were offered. In fact, just about every choice had same ending. NOT 360 minutes even if all choices are explored, this might last 60 minutes max, so the length is a lie to begin with. One can only hope that a quality studio will produce this concept with professional video, story, audio & real drama in the choices & results. Do NOT waste your time, even if your cable goes out, you're flat on your back sick, there's nothing to read & no one to call, you would be better off staring at a blank wall than trying to view this. ANY thing is better than this film. Worst I've ever seen, there's got to be a record for such a shameful waste.

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