Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: Final Cut, movie

Final Cut
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Normally do not like British film of any kind, did not know going in that it was in any way British or probably would have passed it by. I'm glad I didn't read reviews 1st either, because it turned out to be a damned thought provoking movie, with some slow scenes since the entire film takes place in one location, one apt. in fact, like Breakfast Club, combined with reality TV that is REAL, used actors' real names for characters, & I did NOT see that twisted ending coming. Professional quality film, audio, scripting, acting & concept that worked well streaming, not sure what viewing problems others had, I watched on widescreen & had no problem--the effect is part of the "hidden camera" concept, duh, hello? Jude was definitely believable as mischievous film maker, all the characters seemed "real" & the only issue with credibility was that they would all stay to see the film through. Not that they had much choice in the end. Definitely recommend this whether rented or on cable, though I wouldn't buy it.

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