Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl: No Protection

Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl: No Protection
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I love crude comedy & usually enjoy Lisa, and while this show was classic Lisa, it was also NOT one of her best. The material was rarely as funny as I've seen her do, though it's definitely shocking & rude, crude, socially unacceptable which I expected going in. Part of the show is recycled material which is always a drag, and part were 5th grader jokes anyone could have told. If not for her audience's participation & racial makeup, would she even have a show? While insult comedy is funny, most good comics mix it in with either new material or a full stand up show, it is rarely the WHOLE show. She's much funnier on the comedy roasts of celebrities than she is here. If you've never seen her before, you'd probably enjoy this, but if you HAVE seen her shows, skip this one & find a more recent one of newer stuff. Definitely not worth buying, rent instead.

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