Saturday, November 12, 2011

YES I DO! Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

YES I DO! Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?

The potential for so much good, medically & otherwise, not to mention that it is a non-lethal drug without a single harmful side effect or death attributable to the drug, yet the drug war kills millions, imprisons millions more & cost is billions to imprison innocent people, that's the REAL lethal danger. I also support hemp which as a substance has so many positive uses and job potential it seems ignorant to ban it because of unaccountable fear or prejudice & just plain idiocy since hemp is not an active form of marijuana! 

When I did chemo in 2000, living in a state where it was legal by RX at the time (Maine), my doctor prescribed it saying it would replace NINE of my medications that were costing nearly $20,000 a month, and causing such harm to my body that it nearly killed me taking the pills those sworn not to cause harm (doctors) were forcing me to take! The marijuana relieved so many medical problems & symptoms it was like a miracle drug! Sleep & insomnia, uncontrollable muscle spasms & severe muscle pain with myofascial pain syndrome, nerve pain (slightly), appetite & nausea (#1 use for me then--it stopped the vomiting), stress relief, some pain relief, stomach ulcers (lessened by the relief of other issues), etc. 

Ironically, as a teen & young adult I had never been able to smoke it without getting violently ill (vomiting) and acting strangely. Yet when I was so sick with the chemo, smoking marijuana did the opposite--it relieved vomiting & nausea, no more weird behaviors, so I got to thinking that as long as I didn't try to get high with it, it would work right for me when I needed it, and I was right. I was also afraid if I smoked it too often I would become tolerant & it wouldn't work as well, so I didn't use it except either as prescribed or LESS often than prescribed--usually as soon as I felt nauseous and before bed for sleep & muscle spasms that kept me awake & in pain.

With it being federally illegal now though, the cost of a federal defense is MINIMUM $15,000 just to file a case, so anyone obeying state law where it is legal, yet breaking federal law, can never afford to defend themselves in court. Our prisons are so full of drug offenders there is no room for the REAL criminals, such as the murderers, rapists & robbers, etc. We are all paying the price literally & figuratively in taxes for the prisons & added police, in lost rights & increase of police state with powers over our constitutional rights & loss of property, loss of loved ones whether by the freed murderers or the imprisonment of non-violent victimless crimes, not to mention the billions of dollars in deficits going for the drug war.

definition of insanity--doing the same thing over & over, but expecting different results. The drug war is insane, it hasn't been effective, instead like prohibition in the 20's, the drug war actual CREATES crime, criminals, deaths, and the illegal market for a natural substance that works better & safer than the supposed FDA approved medicines! I keep waiting for people to wake up! Please!

My username comes from the fact that we are an AWOL nation, absent without leave, no body home, lights out, brainless and worse, for not taking action, taking our power as citizens back & using our power for good

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