Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Toxic Skies

Review: Toxic Skies
Acting was superb, especially by the medical staff & patients! Great production values for a low budget film, action & suspense throughout were engaging, kept the story racing to conclusion. The previous reviewers detailed all the many plot holes & inaccuracies that even a lap person knows better, so 4 of 5 stars for a bad script & lazy if not irresponsible misinformation! Other than those credibility issues (which the whole shebang depends on), I'd highly recommend this as a rental but not to buy the DVD. Very satisfying ending but for that last bit where a new corporation takes over the job of the "evil" one that went out of business as a result of their actions, a sequel could have been possible, or the point was that it didn't matter which corp. had the deal, it was going to run the same way & with military/govt. support, knowledge & monies. Perhaps the only reason the movie was released is because so many plot details were far-fetched, it wasn't a threat to the powers that be

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