Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review of The Brandon Teena Story

Video quality streaming is very pixelated, the musical sections unnecessary, so 4 of 5 stars, otherwise an excellent film, dramatic enough as a documentary, can be seen before or after BDC. No matter what Teena did, none of the actions against her were justified, yet these cold, heartless killers, parents, siblings & neighbors DO deserve whatever they get for trying to cover it up (killer's mom watches son mop up evidence in her home & does NOTHING about that!), blame the victim, deny & justify inhumane beliefs & actions. One of the most heart breaking & gritty docs I've ever seen, even knowing the story--saw BDC years ago--this was painful (yet impossible to stop) viewing. I've lived down south (FL), people are exactly like this, called me an N-lover because I had black friends! That Sheriff Mr. Laux further raped Teena during his interviews with her, verbally humiliating her & trying to get sexual thrills from harming her further. Unreal & he got elected County Commissioner after this! OMFG! Wake up people, please.

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