Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Tron Legacy


Tron: Legacy
I didn't see the original, thought this was it until these reviews referred back to it, now I'll go look for original. I loved how it started, in our world, and the early to middle sections, but it lost me in there somewhere, the effects became more important than the movie, story/plot, characters, acting & especially Zeus, the android women, the effects were way too obvious! A sign of awesome effects is when you can't tell the difference between real & fake--in this it's ALL fake, even the twin to Bridge's character is like a Matrix Mr. Smith. In fact, this is not even close to as good as the Matrix was--& used too many other flicks to copy instead of coming up with new. I'm giving it 4 stars because Bridges was amazing as was Wilde. The concept could have been so much better if it had a different young male lead, if the CGI wasn't so obvious, and if the characters were more developed. I did love the light-bikes/planes.

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