Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Sebastian Live Comedy

Sebastian: Live
Took a LONG time to warm up & get a few laughs, more than half the show in fact which is not a good sign. The kangaroo dog thing was the most hilarious bit & it came about 45 minutes in, before that nothing. Previous reviewers had it right, he really isn't anything special & anyone could do his act & probably BETTER than he did it unfortunately. The old technology jokes were very outdated, he had a flip phone & thought it was hot tech, did bits on old tape & CD players vs. iPods in the gym, did the Italian heritage stuff blandly--bad since very little Italian could ever be considered bland. He does characterizations well, his facial expression is mobile enough to get some laughs from impressions. Nothing raunchy or at all on the edge, inoffensive, juvenile intelligence level jokes that don't seem to relate well with anyone in the audience. I would NOT recommend renting or buying this, MAYBE see on cable free. Skip 1st half.

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