Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Updates & Laughs GaloreNov 20, 2011, 04:32pm

Be gentle, this is my 1st bulletin! :-) I figured I'm on here trying to catch up with messages, but since I didn't make it through all today, I'd send a note for now until I can come back & finish my replies. The following links will give you plenty to do in the meantime--to get a fix of my sick & twisted sense of humor or music & video tastes, or whatever your poison of choice, heh heh.
Be back tomorrow...
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MY Hilarious Proof of Life video:

Interested in Industrial & Cyberpunk Music? Check out my Journal Article on here at:

If you're bored or a music lover who wants to just press play to watch & listen, I have over 1000+ music, comedy & other videos at VF for your pleasure (and mine!) at:

I've also updated my profile with fav videos embedded, new tattoo pics added, a few new bands in my band list, and added new stuff to my playlist for you to borrow to your own or just play in the background while browsing around. I have it set to OFF, so you have to click play to listen (I hate the auto play function).

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Fav TB Quote:
Bill: Since when has any fanatic been held back by the improbability of their righteous mission?

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