Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Russell Brand in New York City

Russell Brand in New York City
1st, the video was out of focus when other cameras focused on him; 2nd, there were commercial interruptions for HIM, every 60-90 seconds; 3rd, all swears were bleeped; 4th, the last 5 minutes was him trying to get laid (as if he has to try?). So the supposed 42 minutes was more like 25 actual minutes. More than half on hate mail, the rest on MTV awards which was funny but not as a main bit for the whole show. I love Brand's work, and his looks & style, I want to see more stand up by him before I give him up as hopeless as a stand up comedian. Glad he's so much better in movies, though he would disagree--apparently he was so bad in Sarah movie they had to cut all his action scenes (surfing, horse riding, etc). I'd truly like to see what made him so famous in England because it's NOT translating here at all. So I can't recommend this, I surprised myself by staying through it all as it is.

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