Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Limitless movie

This was an incredible movie, I could not look away, suspenseful without being anxious, loved the twisted ending too. I would definitely recommend seeing & even buying this movie on DVD, & I don't recommend that very often. Fantastic acting, script, production values, top notch in every way. Ground breaking as well, a new plot we haven't seen repeatedly over done, and it's a relatively clean movie for those who are offended easily by sex or language, although there is a good amount of violence. Cooper will be doing big things after such a superb job leading this film. De Niro was excellent as always--he makes it look easy! The dialogue & every aspect worked perfectly, no credibility issues or other holes to knock one out of the movie head space. In fact, this was even better than Inception of other movies I've seen recently & rated highly. Wish I could give this one ten stars.

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