Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Forgotten Pills (Movie)

Forgotten Pills
So bad it deserves not even ONE star! I could not watch it past the 30 minute mark & went on to watch something much better instead of wasting the rest of my night on this. The actors were like 1st time, no experience drama students, as was the production values, dialogue, script, characters, every aspect of this movie was of the lowest quality possible--not even as good as a high school film project could have done. I can stand quirky movies IF done well, do not waste your time! The plot might have worked with better actors & script, the concept sounded interesting or I'd have never looked at this despite the poor reviews. For a 78 minute movie, nothing at all happened during the 1st 30 minutes, they still had not gotten to the act of taking the pills. Credibility is at issue since there are drugs already existing that cause amnesia which are readily available on streets or by Rx. Don't even watch on TV for free.

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