Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Jake Johannsen: I Love You

Review: Jake Johannsen: I Love You

ROTFLMFAO funny! Belly laughs so often it's hard to get a breath in. Some of these reviews are bald lies--he doesn't stutter, not for old people in cardigan sweaters either, and his work was stolen by the others, look up the dates of those shows. From the franken-porno to "I want to bite you", hilarious! You don't have to be married, or have kids, or be over 35, or be white, to GET this or laugh, however his style is NOT the BET shocker kind. I like both styles, and still had no problem laughing nor giving this 5 stars. I can't wait to find some of his other work to see! To say you don't like him because he isn't so & so, is ridiculous, since each has their own style & routines & if they didn't, you'd be accusing them of copying or stealing the material, so get real. What I found lacking is that he didn't do any riffs on his heritage or name or culture. Loved his the answer to every question is, Touch It! I'm still LMFAO. Highly recommended. awolgina

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