Thursday, November 10, 2011

REAL Industrial Music


Nov. 10, 2011

by Gina Jordan AKA awolgina

I used to import real industrial music 25 years ago, and find it frustrating when a band or group or anyone labels music industrial when it has NO industrial sounds in it. Real industrial music incorporates NOISE that is NON-musical-instrument based, if an instrument or computer makes the noise or sound, that is not industrial music in itself. However if it incorporates sounds & noise such as those below, it can be called industrial correctly.

Examples of industrial sounds in music:
* Machinery sounds
* Factory noises
* Banging a metal wrench on a machine
* Smashing a piano to bits
* Breaking glass or anything breakable
* dry cleaner press noises
* printing presses running
* using instruments in unique ways

An example of music being made from noise is best seen in these videos on youtube:
* Dry cleaning press music
* Sound builders, read the description for more examples
* Natural gas facility
* Robotic motor noises

Examples of actual industrial music include:
* Kraftwerk
* Using cymbals
* (WARNING: Video is DEAD people! Sound is industrial ambient)

Examples of Mistakenly labeled industrial:
* Electronic only

Here's a description & history paragraph pasted from the wikipedia:
"ndustrial music drew from a broad range of predecessors. Alexei Monroe argues that Kraftwerk were particularly significant in the development of industrial music, as the "first successful artists to incorporate representations of industrial sounds into nonacademic electronic music"[4] Industrial music was created originally by using mechanical and electric machinery, and later advanced synthesizers, samplers and electronic percussion as the technology developed. Monroe also argues for Suicide as an influential contemporary of the industrial musicians.[4] Groups cited as inspirational by the founders of industrial music include The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, and Martin Denny.[5] Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle had a cassette library including recordings by the Master Musicians of Jajouka, Kraftwerk, Charles Manson, and William S. Burroughs.[6] P-Orridge also credited 1960s rock such as The Doors, Pearls Before Swine, The Fugs, Captain Beefheart, and Frank Zappa in a 1979 interview.[7]"

Here's a link to a free sample download of early industrial music on the wiki:

Finally, for a more detailed & official resource to follow up on this topic further, here is the direct link to the wikiperdia Industrial Music page:

Enjoy exploring further :-)
Gina Jordan AKA awolgina
Copyright 11/10/2011.

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