Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Greg Behrendt: Is That Guy from That Thing

Greg Behrendt: Is That Guy from That Thing
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He & this are hilarious! Non-stop belly deep laughing, it's a work out! I had no idea he was this funny or I would have watched this sooner. Is he the same guy who did the 4-slice toaster bit long time ago? This show is NOT for kids nor easily offended by swear words, since the F-bomb is used quite a bit, as is potty humor, all of which I loved, but I want people who don't like that to know so they don't ruin the ratings by watching & hating it. I loved his Glenn act because he took something religious & made it ridiculously funny. "FU Glen I like mayonnaise!" Haha! The last bit about the barrette was silly funny too. He has his timing, his stories & jokes, his expressions & mannerisms down to a science. The audience was hysterical to the point he had to stop & give them time to catch their breath! One of the, if not THE, best comedy shows I've seen (& especially for non BET type comedy)--all original stuff, nothing stale or repeated. I recommend buying this one!

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