Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: D.L. Hughley: Shocked & Appalled

D.L. Hughley: Shocked & Appalled
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Who is the idiot who keeps playing this so they get to do a repeat review complaint about bleeping? Ruining the REAL ratings numbers. ALL comedy central comedy shows are censored & filmed that way, so go get a brain buddy [4 out of 5 reviews was that same idiot, grrr]; this is one reason I prefer BET comedy. The show is fantastically hilarious, he has a unique was of looking at life that lets us laugh at our own ridiculousness, which I love in any comedy show, the audience was as much white as black & all other races, the jokes were equally mixed and laugh out loud funny! However, I'd never seen his work before yet found parts of it familiar--I don't know who stole from who but I've seen others doing some of this, especially the last routine of the internet study, the one about running when blacks run, a couple others, tho his delivery was better. Highly recommended!

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