Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Adam Ferrara Funny As Hell

Easy 5 stars! I had never heard his work before & now want to see all he's done. In some he reminded me of Bill Hicks & Doug Stanhope, not in similarity of routines so much as material he's willing to cover & does so well. Laugh out loud hilarious throughout, no quality issues despite being streaming, however it does end 5 minutes early--though there's a blurb if one waits that long--or fast forwards to the end bit. There were only a few swears & scatological references, which are ROTFLMFAO funny to me. Nothing real juvenile, some of his topics could have ended up dull but the way he delivered them made for a fresh perspective & nearly continuous laughs. Someone said he's anti-Semitic, a lie since half his family is Jewish & most Jews I know would laugh as hard at his all too true characterizations. If one can't laugh at oneself, one doesn't belong in a stand up comedy show or film audience, duh! He gives equal time to ALL the major religions, equal opportunity offender, lol.

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