Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: Extreme Cave Diving: Nova

Extreme Cave Diving: Nova
Excellent quality filming, production, documentary, information, science, history, audio, chronology and focus. The incredible risks taken for the science and the thrill of deep cave diving is massive--the most extreme of sports (as is proven by Wes' subsequent death after this released). Marine archaeologists will be more fascinated by the fossils & skeletons, lay people by the scenery & otherworldly quality to the imagery. The climate arguments are solid based on facts, and only occur most in the last 8-10 minutes of this film. Any deep look at natural phenomena will always include effects from climate then and what that could mean now, so get over it, it's a fact of life too many ignore, we can afford to give 8 minutes of thought on the subject. Love how they cored a stalagmite to show the changes over time, as well as the Saharan Desert's iron dust having traveled 4K miles, numerous times, always right before major extinctions & extremes in weather. Highly recommend this film.

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