Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: Nirvana: Teen Spirit: Interviews

Review: Nirvana: Teen Spirit: Interviews

4 stars for the 1st 58 minutes, zero stars for the last 22 minutes, and repeated material & interviews in 2nd half! Avg.'s 3 stars. The last 22 minutes is truly UN-watchable video and sound, no focus on the video & the music blocks the replies of interviewers--tho watching Kurt roll & light a joint was the highlight of that part. The 1st 20 minutes are the best, covers history, music, problems & triumphs. The 2nd doc repeated much of the 1st, was lower quality. I love their music & the peek behind the scenes is worth watching the 1st 58 minutes only--turn the rest off, it's too frustrating trying to hear & see! Nothing was mentioned about controversy surrounding HOW he died, that it could have been framed, he could have been killed (gunshot to head), none of that was mentioned at all. In much of the footage Kurt is obviously on heroin, guys were holding cigs 4 him to smoke during interviews in 2nd part, & he had to lay down several times. I still recommend it for the rare footage & insider info. Don't BUY it though.

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