Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Aluratek AHDVC02F Cinecam HD Digital Video Camcorder

Aluratek AHDVC02F Cinecam HD Digital Video Camcorder - 5.0 Mega Pixels, CMOS Sensor, 3” LCD display, 4x Digital

Not for Live Performances
Reviewer: AWOLGINA on Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I bought this to film live music performances in nightclubs. The flash on here only works with pics, NOT video! Also the sound distorts so badly I tried fixing it with cotton ball over mic, still bad. ONLY good for daylight, normal to quiet sound situations, which makes it useless to me & too late to return. Last, the photo quality is so poor my 1.8 MP cell camera does better than this supposed 5-12 MP camcorder. If I could post samples, you'd be shocked at the extremely low quality. The HD is only 30 FPS, not the 60 it should be.

Sample video using this camcorder:


  1. Ms. Jordan,

    We received your e-mail dated 11/9/2011. We just wanted to clarify a few items you discussed on your commentary of the AHDVC02F because a number of your assumptions are simply incorrect. First, the button layout on the AHDVC02F's Quick Start Guide states that the flash is used in PHOTO mode. It does not state that the it can be used for VIDEO mode. Second, the AHDVC02F is advertised as having a 5MP CMOS sensor with 4X Digital Zoom. It is not advertised as a 12MP camera. Yes, the Cinecam provides you with an option to select the resolution size up to the equivalent of 12MP but that resolution is software generated, not actual. That is why the AHDVC02F is advertised as only having a 5MP CMOS sensor. Finally, the AHDVC02F is advertised as being able to record HD video at 1080p @ 30 frames per second (FPS). 30 FPS and 60 FPS are both progressive formats and are both considered HD. Of course, 60 FPS is used for high-end HDTV. However, the AHDVC02F is clearly listed as recording at 30 FPS, not 60 FPS. Therefore, for you to assume that the Cinecam “should” generate 60 FPS is unfounded.

    You are welcome to your opinion about the AHDVC02F Cinecam but you should base your findings on the stated features of the product and not what you assume the product should have. Also, since you clearly stated that your were "extremely unhappy" with the Cinecam, why did you not return the product to the retailer your purchased it from for a refund? Also, why did it take 3 months before you decided to "document" your "frustrations" with your Cinecam on YouTube, Facebook and "16 other web sites/profiles"? And after disparaging your Cinecam on the internet, now you are requesting that Aluratek "trade it in on a better quality product"? And if we don’t, you stated that the Cinecam “…will be advertised for what it is repeatedly, by me”.

    At this time, we can only provide you with warranty service if you are experiencing an issue with the AHDVC02F. Please contact our Support staff at 866-580-1978 if you have any questions.

  2. My reply to the above comment: Hello,
    This is not stated before one buys the camcorder, so seeing a light on it, one assumes it being a dedicated camcorder, the light works with the camcorder!
    Second, the 12 MP is a setting in the camera, which should produce the 12 MP it says it does--but the truth is this camera does not even produce 5 MP images, so my comments stand correct, so far on both.
    Third there is a setting for 60 FPS in this camcorder, for a smaller size video--so again, you don't know your own camcorder as well as a person using it apparently, since it does have 60 FPS capability, just not in HD mode.
    Last, I did not discover these weaknesses until I had filmed two live music performances using it, this is why the delay in reviewing the product fully, as I stated in my original review, I could not fully critique this product until I had used it in several modes & for what I purchased it for, which is live music recording. The return time was only 14 days, so obviously I'm unable to return this inferior product. I very much regret buying this product instead of saving up for a better quality camcorder, since this does not even do daylight still photography at the quality advertised & while it does do good HD video in sunlight, it does not perform at all in night or club lighting locations, nor handle sound at all. I'm having to tape a cotton ball over it to get it to record sound that is actually undistorted. There's no separate mic input for bypassing the built-in mic, so I'm embarrassed to show my work with this camcorder to any one, because the video is dark with distorted sound. Not exactly a great advertisement for your equipment.
    I wish this has been advertised correctly as a daytime, normal sound only camcorder. If I could re-do my original review, I'd make sure all potential buyers did not make the same mistake I did, and so my reviews stand as 100% true & correct, hopefully others will avoid this mistake & look for better quality elsewhere, as I should have done & now must do.
    Here's an example of what this camcorder produces: