Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood
I found this movie through a recommend by Aaron Bruno of awolnation (band) who said it was life changing, inspiring & one of the best in recent years, he was half right--it's one of the best, not life changing or musically inspiring (to me anyway). I'm glad I rented this one, well worth the money & time, will definitely recommend this to others. Extremely haunting, very weird ending I hated nearly ruined it for me---no I won't ruin it for you, it's still worth watching. Cinematography is incredible, the score I'd love to buy on CD, the story so real, you can almost smell the oil & smoke. Violent, greedy, cunning, not at all sexual nor language issues, so mature teens could see it, some blood & cringe worthy death scenes, characterizations spot on, just a fantastic film I may have to watch again, it's THAT good, enough to buy it as a keeper.

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