Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazon: IMAX

Amazon: IMAX
Gee the description above tells exactly what this is about, so how is it people are complaining for getting what is described??? Has anyone bothered to read the description before watching? I never know what to believe in these reviews because more than half are bald lies by miserable people. Anyway, it's 38 minutes long, worth every second! Some people expect a mini-series worth of info in short films, I know better. With the time used, it was extremely well spent & covered a lot of ground while being literally breathtaking. The animals shown I didn't even realize (still) existed--such as sloths--but this doesn't say ANIMALS of the Amazon, nor Tribes nor medicine of the Amazon, it is a general film on the Amazon & you will know much more at the end than you did at the start, no matter what education level you have. This would need to be packaged with extras to be worth buying though, paying same price for 38 minutes as for feature length with special features, would be a rip off.

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