Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Case 39

Case 39
I had forgotten it was a thriller, if I ever knew. I found out about 25% in that this was a scary movie. Unfortunately, the credibility is completely shot, with bees coming out of someones ears--thousands of them--and similar such scenes, as well as the ending--there's no way a human made it but not the demon monster kid. This has been done before much better & with true credibility to make one believe what one saw, here that's not the case. The acting was great, the script & situations sucked. The visual & audio quality was good, effects, some gore & lots of blood--pools of it in fact--the suspense was quite well done, if one can suspend their disbelief which this film makes a challenge. Everything happening was ideas somehow planted in their minds & based on their biggest fear--over done to death in other movies, why repeat the exact same plot? Find a new way to tell the tale, please! Don't bother renting, maybe if free on TV & one is bored?

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