Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Put the Needle on the Record

Put the Needle on the Record
As a fan, producer/remixer & artist/music promoter, I appreciated the history, the brief samples & descriptions of different electronic music styles, the equipment & experience over views, how difficult it is to travel 16 hours for a 4 hour show, the energy exchanged between DJ's and crowd, the history & background is especially good. However, there should have been more focus on the MUSIC, less on the naked women; less street & transportation footage & more MUSICAL; more examples of styles & actual sounds, better focus, editing out the junk to fill with prime material instead. I gave 4 stars, really deserves 3, but there are so few documentaries on this industry, few that include even half the content this covered in 90 minutes, so an extra star for history. Start a few radio stations, stop letting people download free, to listen free is enough. Sell your CD's, if good we will buy them; if free or suck, we won't. Supply & demand, simple. Recommend this to fans & DJs alike.

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