Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Bill Hicks Live

Bill Hicks Live

I give it 4 stars because he deserves them for his gutsy material, BUT where were the editors? Why 4 episodes of the SAME exact material delivered the same way every time? In all 4 of these there may have been a TOTAL of 10 minutes non-repeated. I love his comedy, want to see a lot more of his work, not the same shows multiple times. Once bought, why buy another? If he did comedy for 10 years where is his new material? All comedians develop new material every show, every year at the minimum. If he's so great, why is there only ONE show sold as multiple titles but with the same content? It wasn't his being freed by knowing he was dying, that let him be honest since this was his show 10 years before then. I've just discovered him & want to see more than 90 minutes of his work from his entire career, only 90 minutes? That is NOT brilliance. Edit this into ONE worthy DVD, please!

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