Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Pink Floyd: The Dark Side: Interviews

Pink Floyd: The Dark Side: Interviews
I'm a lifelong fan & still can't give this more than 2 stars. I learned 2 new facts in under 60 seconds, the rest was a waste of time, the poorest quality video with serious tracking (VHS) issues & bottom of screen flickered whole time, plus it was taped over something else which showed through during the film! This is obviously from a COPIED video taped over other content on the video, not a master VHS! To stream this makes it nearly painful to watch. Mason interview took up 4/5ths of the video, since other stuff here covers Syd & Roger, why did they bother with this? Someone just wanted to make money off the fans by selling this junk to us, shame on them! I'm glad they didn't get the music rights, if they cobbled this so bad imagine what they would have done to the music. I've never seen a worse job done, except maybe that BEP video with high school narration over slideshow images.

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